My roadmap outlines my naive intentions regarding what I am
currently planning to work on for up to a year into the future.

Only HexstreamSoft related work is in scope for this roadmap.


The primary purpose is to enhance my focus and motivation.

A secondary purpose is to help you keep track of my progress
and motivate you to sponsor me to enhance my productivity.

Subject to change

My roadmap is subject to change at any moment for any reason or no reason.
My roadmap is meant to keep me on track and liberate me, not constrain me.

Not comprehensive

Even within the scope, this roadmap may not always provide
a full account of my current work or plans, for strategic reasons.

This notably gives me latitude to safely perform strategic exploration,
and avoids overcommunicating frequent irrelevant changes of plans.

I often start projects privately before an initial announcement or release.
Rarely, significant work may happen on a private branch before sharing.


๐Ÿ›ˆ Background Describes the traditional state of the world.
๐Ÿ—ฒ Why I'm excited Describes the feature I'm planning to implement,
and why I'm excited about it.
(Any anticipated community reception is purely speculative.)
โœ Current status Describes how far along I am in implementing the feature.